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Miko AI Robot

Spotlight this week – AI Miko Robot for Children which is an adorable AI-powered robot friend designed for children ages 5-10. Developed by Indian startup Emotix, Miko provides a safe and...

Samsung Ballie Robot -CES 2024

Tom’s Guide Review Samsung says that it’s going all-in on AI at CES 2024. The new Ballie is proof of that. The new rolling AI robot companion has all-new capabilities, including a built-in...

DoorDash New AI Voice Ordering

Door Dash today announced its development of voice ordering capabilities incorporating AI. Building on its existing model, DoorDash is leveraging best-in-class agents to further support restaurant...

New Year’s Resolution for 2024: Discover Ai

“Discover AI” as your top new year’s resolution for 2024. The cost of doing nothing when it comes to AI is high. As AI continues to advance, those who do not embrace it will be left behind. By...

Harry Hamster’s Word of the Week

Definition:  The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer...

Fun AI Activities for Kids during the Holidays

Sparking Kids’ STEM Passions This Holiday with Creative AI The holidays are a perfect time for kids to explore new hobbies and interests before school ramps back up. Why not nurture their curiosity...

AI Tools for Today’s Homeschooling

AI for Homeschooling offers many benefits – flexibility, customization, and more quality time with your kids. We have found there are several AI-powered edtech tools that are now available to...

Holiday Travel made easier with AI

The holidays are an exciting time for travel to see family, friends or just an adventure. But navigating busy airports, unpredictable weather delays, and communicating in foreign languages can also...

AI image generators – Kid-friendly and Fun for the Holidays

With the holidays coming upon us quickly what better way to bring out the creativity in our children! The key is finding ways with an AI image generators which can enhance creativity, storytelling...

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