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Samsung Ballie Robot -CES 2024

Samsung Ballie at CES 2024

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Samsung says that it’s going all-in on AI at CES 2024. The new Ballie is proof of that. The new rolling AI robot companion has all-new capabilities, including a built-in projector that can display content. All the conveniences we would need in the home.

The AI in Ballie comes to the door and greets you upon command. It has built-in front and rear cameras to detect and analyze its surroundings, learn recurring user patterns to automate various functions.

Ballie can activate your dog’s feeder when it’s time fthem. It can then turn on your lights at a designated time. Nice to walk in and see a display of a welcome message on the floor when you get home. Ballie can even adjust its projection angle by detecting peoples’ posture and facial angles. Better stay in a good mood.

For your next important video call, just pick up Ballie and place it on your desk. It will project that meeting on the nearest wall. Or it can project your workout on the wall while displaying the health metrics from your Galaxy Watch 6

There’s even a split-screen mode so if you get an incoming call you can see the live view from your nearby Samsung phone and talk to the caller. When it’s time for bed, Ballie has an option to project the stars above the bed just for the children to see and dream.

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