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At Ai Enlighten, we believe that the true power of AI lies not just in the technology, but in it's ability to inspire your personal growth.
Terri Sleeper
AiS Cofounder

AiS Bootcamp - The Intersection of Creativity & Technology

"With two decades in philanthropy, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges non-profits face in raising funds and driving impact.

Our AiS Bootcamp is a game-changer, offering organizations the innovative tools and insights they need to transform their fundraising strategies, connect with donors on a deeper level, and ultimately create the lasting change they envision."

Terri Sleeper

AI Philanthropy Content Lead

"AiS Bootcamp is designed to empower folks with the cutting-edge tools and insights they need to revolutionize their business strategies, upgrade personal goals and amplify your future."

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Steve Sleeper

Business Development

"Our AiS Bootcamp suite leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to provides everyone with powerful, user-friendly tools that streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and ultimately help them achieve their missions more effectively than ever before."

Michael Sleeper

Technology Lead

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