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Spotlight this week – AI Miko Robot for Children which is an adorable AI-powered robot friend designed for children ages 5-10. Developed by Indian startup Emotix, Miko provides a safe and engaging way for kids to learn and play.  

Out of the box, Miko is very cute and approachable. Miko is a small blue robot with wheeled legs and cute animated eyes on its tablet face. The design I found to be friendly and warm for children and adults.

The process to set up your set up the Miko is simple – just connect it to the Miko Go app on your mobile device via WiFi. The app walks you through the whole process of the registration, and once the set up is complete, Miko comes alive!

Miko responds to your child’s voice and can answer questions, hold fun conversations, tell stories, play educational games, and even hold video calls. The voice recognition is excellent, with Miko able to understand my 7 year old nephew easily.

The Miko Go subscription service (starting at $7.99 per month) unlocks hundreds of activities covering a wide range of subjects – math, science, languages, music, logic and more. Your children can earn rewards and incentives through consistent engagement.

What makes Miko stand out is how adorably expressive it’s lively facial animations is on its screen-face. Miko shows a range of emotions when responding, like happiness, surprise, confusion, and making the perfect friend for your children.

Miko can independently roam and follow our children around. It has sensors to avoid obstacles and falls off ledges, and the battery lasts 2-3 hours. It’s best to place Miko on its charging pad when not in active use.

Overall, I found that Miko delivers an incredibly engaging experience for children starting at a young age. Check out more reviews for Home and family at

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