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AI Tools for Today’s Homeschooling

AI for Homeschooling offers many benefits – flexibility, customization, and more quality time with your kids. We have found there are several AI-powered edtech tools that are now available to aid homeschooling parents. Parents, we know we all have very busy schedules. These AI homeschooling tools will help take that burden away and add enjoyment to your childs learning. We have reviewed several and listed below highly recommended AI tools for you to check out.

QuillBot is an AI-based paraphrasing tool, that simplifies difficult texts to improve comprehension. Its paraphrasing capabilities allow you to take advanced concepts and rewrite them for your child’s reading level. Wolfram Alpha is an AI-driven computational knowledge engine. This bis where students can get step-by-step solutions to math, science and other problems explained clearly. It even shows the work!

Kids Discover Online, leverages AI algorithms to tailor instruction to each student’s skills, ability level, and interests. It also provides engaging assignments and tracks learning progress over time. TutorMing goes further by conducting personalized tutoring conversations. Its AI assesses strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences help to deliver tailored video-based tutoring sessions.

For building math skills specifically, Smartick and Otto Learn use AI to assess knowledge gaps and deliver individualized math lessons. Learnosity offers AI scoring of tests and assessments. Its algorithms provide feedback, scoring, and recommendations to help reinforce strengths and improve weak areas.

Homeschooling gives you control and the the flexibility to tailor your children’s education. At our Home and Family section offers beginner articles to inform us of the benefits AI can give our daily lives. AI tools provide the personalization and adaptation needed to make this manageable for you as parents without teaching degrees. They provide at-home access to advanced technologies previously only available in classrooms. Best of all, using them feels like your child has a private tutor that never gets tired! With AI assistance, you can now focus more on imparting general life lessons to raise capable, well-adjusted kids.

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