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Homeschooling Projects for Kindergarten to 1st Grade

Somedays it can be difficult to be creative on homeschooling projects that will entertain your kindergarten or 1st grader. Here are a few AI project ideas:

  • Make a talking robot friend. Use a simple robot kit and program it to talk using pre-recorded audio clips activated by sensors. Kids can “interview” their robot and practice conversation skills.
  • Create a storytelling game. Build a simple text-based game where the AI tells or responds to a story with the child, promoting reading, writing, and imagination.
  • Train an image recognition model. Collect photos of everyday objects, people, animals etc. and use a kid-friendly machine learning tool like Teachable Machine to build an image classifier. Great for teaching computer vision concepts.
  • Make a voice assistant. Use an AI kit like Cozmo or Vector that kids can code to answer questions, tell jokes or fun facts, set alarms, etc. Teaches coding and AI principles.
  • Build a robot pet. Use servo motors and sensors to let kids code a movable pet that responds to touch, sound, or environment. Fosters coding skills and creativity.
  • Design a smart toy. Use tools like Arduino to code an interactive plushie or doll that reacts to input with lights, speech or motion. Teaches electronics and programming.

The key is choosing projects that are engaging and educational, while keeping complexity low for their age. Focusing on AI concepts like speech processing, computer vision, algorithmic thinking and information in a fun hands-on way. Follow our Homeschooling on

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