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Create Holiday Art with Ai Image Generators

Here is a fun project for the kids or the whole family. Create your own holiday gifts with the Ai Image Generators that are available for all ages. Here is an example; Provide a text prompt like “Santa and his reindeer flying over a snowy village” and let kids color or decorate the AI generated image. To assist you here is a list of companies that have available Ai Image Generators to customize your Childs creativity.

  • Wombo Dream – This app lets you type in any phrase and it will generate a cute cartoon image. Very easy for kids to use.
  • Google Imagination Space – Created by Google for kids to “bring their wildest ideas to life” through AI images. Requires parental approval.
  • Lit AI Art – Generates images based on text prompts. Has a Kids Mode with restricted content filtering.
  • NightCafe Creator – Allows you to customize AI art styles from stylized to realistic. Easy to use prompts and settings.
  • InnerEye AI Art Studio – Generates art in various styles. Has a safe search mode to filter mature content.
  • Lego Brick Generator – Creates Lego brick versions of anything you describe. Fun for Lego fans.
  • – Turns kids’ doodles into polished artworks. Helps develop creativity.
  • Marvel Create – Allows kids to put themselves into Marvel comic book scenes. Good for aspiring artists.

The key is finding options with strong content filtering and moderation suitable for kids under 12. Having kids provide text prompts exercises creativity before they see the AI interpretation. Supervise use and guide them in providing appropriate prompts. Have fun creating your holiday gifts for family and friends.

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