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Animoto – Easy Online Video Creation Review weekly review brought us to view A great AI video tool in our opinion. Animoto is a user-friendly online video creation tool that makes it simple for anyone to turn photos and video clips into professional-looking short video stories and slideshows. I found it easy to use and it had so many templates to play with.. With Animoto’s drag-and-drop interface and array of video styles and music options to choose from, you don’t need any technical skills or experience to create engaging video content.

Some of the key features of Animoto include:

  • Intuitive interface – Animoto’s interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Just upload your photos/videos, choose a video style, add text if desired, and Animoto will automatically turn it into a video production.
  • Professional quality – The videos created with Animoto have a very professional, polished look thanks to the platform’s cinematic styles and motion graphic transitions. The end result looks like it was made by a seasoned video producer.
  • Music library – Animoto provides a library of licensed music tracks and the ability to customize your video’s exact song selection. This makes it easy to find the perfect background music to fit the tone of your video.
  • Video style options – Choose from Animoto’s many video style templates from cinematic to social media square format. Pick the one that fits your needs.
  • Customization – You can customize videos by adding text, rearranging images and video clips, and modifying the length. There are ample options to tailor videos to your preferences.
  • Share easily – Videos can be shared directly to social platforms like Facebook and YouTube for easy distribution.

Overall, Animoto is an excellent online video creation tool for entrepreneurs, marketers, social media creators, photographers, real estate agents and anyone looking for a fast, simple way to make professional-quality videos. It’s perfect for DIY video marketing and social media video content. Give it a look and try it out.

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