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Adobe Sensei – Your Marketing AI Assistant

Adobe recently unveiled Adobe Sensei, ( ) their new framework for bringing AI and machine learning into Adobe’s creative cloud tools and services. As a long-time Adobe user, I was curious to learn more about how Sensei could enhance workflows for design, photography, and video.

Sensei aims to add more automation, intelligence, and discovery to common creative tasks. For example, Sensei promises to automatically tag and organize assets, accelerate edit workflows by suggesting design options or edits, provide insights from analyzing large volumes of content, and reduce menial tasks like selecting backgrounds.

During the keynote at Adobe MAX, Abhay Parasnis, Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer, showcased some impressive Sensei-powered prototypes. The demonstrations included advanced automatic colorization of old black and white photos, sophisticated photo manipulation like selecting and replacing skies, and intelligent editing such as automatic reframing videos for different aspect ratios.

The possibilities for how AI and machine learning could augment and simplify creative work are definitely exciting. However, Adobe also emphasized that Sensei is designed to enhance human creativity rather than replace it. The goal is to free up people to spend more time on the creative aspects of their work.

As with any new technology there are always growing pains. Adobe Sensei capabilities will emerge over time and change the way creatives utilize Adobe tools. It remains to be seen how widely adopted across Adobe’s suite Sensei features will become, but one thing is clear – AI and machine learning are coming faster than ever to a design workflow near you. I’m looking forward to seeing Sensei develop and plan to review some early integrations once they are publicly available.

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